Plankton scientist, filmmaker, author, public speaker & marine guide.

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Plymouth, UK

I am an independent scientist, filmmaker and expedition scientist/guide. A former Royal Society university research fellow, my scientific interest is the plankton food web and how it is influenced by climate, fishing and plastic pollution. For science outreach I have produced large-scale, public exhibitions on plankton around the world, worked with international architects and fashion designers, and I founded the global, citizen science Secchi Disk study. Read my Ocean Drifters book to learn more about plankton, watch my Ocean Drifters film to hear David Attenborough describe the incredible secret world of plankton or, join in the Secchi Disk phytoplankton study if you go to sea. 


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I never know what my plankton net will catch but it's always a myriad of beautiful, alien-like creatures. How would you describe plankton or the microplastic pollution that now floats among them?


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Plankton science


"Your paper was outstanding. Many delegates have said how much they enjoyed your presentation and the conference questionnaire responses clearly confirm this."

(Shellfish Association of Great Britain)



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Plankton & marine science outreach - TV, schools, exhibitions


Presenter and supplier of engaging plankton images and film to both national and international broadcasters.

Work with schools to bring  science into the classroom including collaborations with artists and orchestras.

Large-scale plankton exhibits at science and film festivals around the world captivating  audiences of all ages.



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"I often feel we see the natural world as zoo visitors view caged animals, peering through bars without empathy for how we are a part of it and not apart from it and I think that affects our well-being.”


Plankton, my secret world beneath the waves

A few of my plankton images.

Publications Click here to see a list of my research papers. Contact me to obtain a free copy of a paper that interests you.